Updated Your Windows to Window 10 on Your HP Device but Facing Issues?

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Updated Your Windows to Window10 on Your HP Device but Facing Issues?

There are lots of issues faced by the users of HP devices after updating their windows to window 10 which Microsoft has recently launched. Users are not able to see the login window when they start their computer. Also, it shows various compatibility issues with the drivers of the HP devices and unable to open anything. The error messages in the window login show that the window was unable to load the drivers and users also face problems in connecting the internet to their HP laptops, desktops and printers. And after updated the windows the HP printers are not working properly.

 Although HP does not know the real reason behind these errors and keeps saying that it is due the outdated versions of drivers which cause the compatibility issues and there have been many updates and patches are launched to solve these issues by HP professionals. So to troubleshoot all the problems easily and all the patches and updated drivers without any tension call on HP customer care number or otherwise you can follow the steps to get rid of this problem.

Follow the steps to solve this issue provided by HP customer help center:

  • To fix this issue completely, HP has launched the driver update and repair it a tool to provide update patches and remove the compatibility issues.
  • Users hence now have to go to the official site of HP and have to download the fixit tool from there which supports their device and should be compatible with the windows 10.

If users are facing any problem in downloading the correct driver for their HP device then call on HP customer help number.

  • Users now need to scan the drivers with windows after downloading the correct one.
  • Scanning will let us know if there is any other problem windows have with the HP device.
  • Now users need to update the HP hardware drivers and need to reboot the system.
  • After rebooting start your Windows 10 in normal mode.

Dial HP customer care number for flawless solutions.

If this still problem still persists and users are not able to access their HP devices after the updates and they have even followed the steps but unable to troubleshoot the problem then contact experts through HP customer care number.